18104 Department of Computer Systems

Chair: prof. Ing. Róbert Lórencz, CSc., Robert.Lorencz@fit.cvut.cz, phone 2 2435 9812

Research activities

Department of Computer Systems focuses on the architectures of computers and distributed computer systems (theory of distributed computations and algorithms, development of tools for programming distributed applications), parallel and high-performance computers and clusters (task scheduling, computations on non-dedicated clusters of workstations, distributed resource management using market mechanisms), mobile systems (architectures and protocols for the mobile environment), computer networks (modern services in computer networks, VoIP, QoS, modeling and administration of complex network structures), grid architectures. The department also pursues research in the area of computer security and cryptography (crypto algorithms, steganography, design of special crypto hardware and accelerators, special arithmetic for cryptography). Finally, the department pursues research in the area of web and multimedia technology (semantic web, methods for searching the web with respect to the semantics of the information to be searched, distributed knowledge mining, intelligent and heuristic approaches to support searching for information in the web space, XML technologies). The department pursues both fundamental and applied research. Research Groups The Applied Numerics & Cryptography Group Parallel Computing Group

Teaching in the Bachelor Informatics programme

Department of Computer Systems teaches the following mandatory modules: Introduction to Operating Systems (BIE-UOS), Operating Systems (BIE-OSY), Computer Networks (BIE-PSI) and Security (BIE-BEZ). The department also teaches the following Information Technology modules: Architectures of Computer Systems (BIE-APS), Scripting Languages (BIE-SKJ), Unix Internals and Administration (BIE-ADU), Windows Administration (BIE-ADW), Network Administration (BIE-ADS), Web and Database Server Administration (BIE-AWD), and the following Web and Multimedia modules: Multimedia and Graphics Applications (BIE-MGA), Web and Multimedia (BIE-WMM), Web Application Design (BIE-TWA), Searching Web and Multimedia Databases (BIE-VWM), User Interface Design (BEI-TUR).

Name and surname Function E-mail Phone Room
Ing. Jiří Bučekassistant lecturerjiri.bucek@fit.cvut.cz+420-22435-9852A-1135
Ing. Simona Buchoveckáassistant lecturerbuchosim@fit.cvut.cz A-1149
RNDr. Igor Čermák, CSc.assistant lecturerigor.cermak@fit.cvut.cz+420-22435-9854A-1127
RNDr. Dana Čermákováassistant lecturerdana.cermakova@fit.cvut.cz+420-22435-9854A-1127
Ing. Viktor Černýassistant lecturerviktor.cerny@fit.cvut.cz+420-22435-9855A-1133
Ing. Jiří Dostálassistant lecturerjiri.dostal@fit.cvut.cz A-1137
Ing. Josef Gattermayerassistant lecturerjosef.gattermayer@fit.cvut.cz+420-22435-9859A-1150
Ing. Petr HavíčekPh.D. studenthavicpet@fit.cvut.cz  
Ing. Michal HažlinskýPh.D. studentmichal.hazlinsky@fit.cvut.cz  
doc. Ing. Jan Janeček, CSc.associate professorjan.janecek@fit.cvut.cz+420-22435-9866A-1136
Ing. Martin JelínekPh.D. studentjelinm23@fit.cvut.cz  
Mgr. Martin Jurečekassistant lecturerjurecmar@fit.cvut.cz+420-22435-9858A-1137
Ing. Jiří Kašparassistant lecturerjiri.kaspar@fit.cvut.cz+420-22435-9853A-1131
Ing. Filip KodýtekPh.D. studentkodytfil@fit.cvut.cz A-1149
Ing. Josef Kokešassistant lecturerjosef.kokes@fit.cvut.cz+420-22435-9858A-1137
JUDr. Jan Kolouch, Ph.D.external associatekolouja1@fit.cvut.cz  
Mgr. Ivan KotenkovPh.D. studentkoteniv1@fit.cvut.cz A-1149
Ing. Daniel Langr, Ph.D.assistant lecturerdaniel.langr@fit.cvut.cz+420-22435-9859A-1150
prof. Ing. Róbert Lórencz, CSc.professorrobert.lorencz@fit.cvut.cz+420-22435-9812A-1122
Ing. Alexandru Moucha, Ph.D.assistant lectureralex.moucha@fit.cvut.cz+420-22435-9855A-1133
Ing. Zdeněk Muzikář, CSc.assistant lecturermuzikar@fit.cvut.cz+420-22435-9857A-1131
Ing. Jiří NádvorníkPh.D. studentnadvoji1@fit.cvut.cz A-1149
Ing. Et Ing. Jiří PětníkPh.D. studentjiri.petnik@fit.cvut.cz  
Ing. Miroslav Prágl, MBAassistant lecturermiroslav.pragl@fit.cvut.cz+420-22435-9857A-1131
Ing. Karel QuastPh.D. studentkarel.quast@fit.cvut.cz A-956
Mgr. Jakub Růžičkaassistant lecturerjakub.ruzicka@fit.cvut.cz A-1149
Ing. Jiří Smítkaassistant lecturerjiri.smitka@fit.cvut.cz+420-22435-9855A-1133
RNDr. Ing. Vladimír Smotlacha, Ph.D.assistant lecturervladimir.smotlacha@fit.cvut.cz+420-22435-9855A-1133
doc. Ing. Ivan Šimeček, Ph.D.associate professorxsimecek@fit.cvut.cz+420-22435-9851A-1129
Ing. Michal Šoch, Ph.D.assistant lecturermichal.soch@fit.cvut.cz+420-22435-9851A-1129
Ing. Michal Štepanovský, Ph.D.assistant lecturermichal.stepanovsky@fit.cvut.cz+420-22435-9719A-1144
Ing. Jan Trdlička, Ph.D.assistant lecturerjan.trdlicka@fit.cvut.cz+420-22435-9851A-1129
Ing. Yelena TrofimovaPh.D. studentyelena.trofimova@fit.cvut.cz A-1149
prof. Ing. Pavel Tvrdík, CSc.professorpavel.tvrdik@fit.cvut.cz+420-22435-9810334
Ing. Milan Václavíkassistant lecturervaclam1@fit.cvut.cz+420-22435-9880A-1333

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