Přednášky prof. Ilji Levina

Přednáška 1:   Major Trends of Education in Information Society
Přednáška 2: High-tech Phenomenon and High Education. Israeli Experience
Přednášející:     prof. Ilya Levin
Datum a čas: Pátek 30. 11. od 13.30 a 15.00
Místo:       FIT ČVUT v Praze, Thákurova 9, NB ČVUT, posluchárna T9:111
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Obsah přednášky Major Trends of Education in Information Society:

The proposed presentation reports results of a theoretical research studying the educational system in the coming postindustrial society. The author proposes a conceptual model of a new educational system. The model represents the postindustrial education as a culturological space defined by three planes which correspond to three new phenomena/trends. These phenomena affecting the new school are: a) Social Media as a new way of forming social consciousness; b) Personal Identity Online as a new way of forming personality, and c) Data Intensive Science as a new methodological paradigm. The three phenomena are considered to stem from evolution of three respective fields: knowledge acquiring, learning process, and science methodology. Relations are demonstrated between the trends and such emerging technologies as: Web 2.0, mobile  computing and social computing. The postindustrial education, which actively uses social media, exists within abundance of various content, and stimulates the students' personal identity online - is a new type of education that should drastically change roles of both the teacher and the students in the new school.
Obsah přednášky High-tech Phenomenon and High Education. Israeli Experience:
Israeli high technology (high-tech) industry presents an interesting phenomenon of a combined social, scientific and industrial development in a small country being geographically distant from main resources and main markets but richly endowed with human capital. Both the new high-tech ventures and the new generation of highly educated professionals have become essential elements of life in Israel in the recent two decades. This presentation discusses factors, which seem to be critical for success in the high-tech new ventures in Israel during the mentioned period. The study demonstrates that the mentioned phenomenon allows the industry and the academy to mutually benefit from one another. Factors of the success could be divided into three categories/groups by their importance. The first group of factors comprises the governmental support to new ventures, as well as their close collaboration with academy. The second group of factors is related to the educated human resources, in particular to the specialists who emigrated from the former USSR to Israel during the last two decades. The third group of factors belongs to the use of achievements and resources of highly developed defense industry for various civil needs. The Israeli high-tech phenomenon has drastically changed all sides of the human life in the country. Among them: the social structure of the country, its educational system, human professional priorities and even values. Although the discussed phenomenon is based on the specific Israeli experience, many of the aspects are global. Consequently, the study may have quite broad applicability.


Stručný životopis přednášejícího:

Ilya Levin received his Ph.D. degree in Computer Engineering in 1987, when being the Head of the Computer Science Department in the Leningrad Institute of New Technologies (in the former USSR). Between 1993 and 1997, Ilya Levin was the Head of the Computer Systems Department in the Center for Technological Education, Holon, Israel. In 1997, he worked as a Research fellow in the Computer Science Department of University of Massachusetts, USA. During four years between 2003-2006, Ilya Levin was an Associate Professor of the School of Engineering in the Bar Ilan University, Israel. Presently, Prof. Ilya Levin is a Head of Department of Math, Science and Technology Education of the Tel Aviv University. His recent research interests include: Computer Design, Human Concepts Learning, Culturology of Information Society. Ilya Levin is the author of more than 130 research papers both in Computer Engineering and in Education.


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