CryptArchi Workshop 2019

CryptArchi Workshop 2019

On June 24–25, the Faculty of Information Technology co-organises the CryptArchi Workshop 2019. This seventh year of the conference focuses on cryptographic architectures embedded in logic devices. Students and employees of the faculty are also lecturing at the conference: J. Bělohoubek, M. Jureček, V. Miškovský, J. Říha, and P. Socha. Full participation in the conference assumes registration and payment of a conference fee.


CryptArchi 2019 - přednáška
CryptArchi 2019 - přednáška
Filled auditorium during this year

The main topic of this seventeenth workshop concerns security aspects of the use of modern logic devices in cryptography. Discussion about the use of deep learning techniques to break cryptographic implementations will constitute an essential part of the workshop.

Aims of the workshop are:

  • Exchange of the most recent information about research activities of participants
  • Discussion of problems concerning embedding of cryptographic functions in modern logic devices
  • Proposal for the structure of the future logic devices aimed at cryptographic applications
  • Discussion of problems concerning development of secure embedded cryptographic systems based on future logic devices


The conference program takes place within two days and is divided into several thematic blocks. Several students and employees from FIT have a presentation at the workshop:

About the Event

The CryptArchi Workshop is an international forum for researchers, experts, and students interested in cryptography. Full participation in the conference assumes registration and payment of a conference fee. All the necessary information is available on the conference website.

Event type
Université de Lyon, Université Jean Monnet—
Laboratoire Hubert Curien
CNRSGDR Sécurité Informatique
Faculty of Information Technology, CTU
June 24–25, 2019
Congress and Educational Centre Floret
Květnové náměstí 391, Průhonice
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CryptArchi 2019
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The conference takes place close to Průhonice Castle at the Floret Hotel—Květnové náměstí 391, Průhonice. The Faculty of Information Technology, CTU, co-organizes the conference. Members of the organising team are also prof. Róbert Lórencz, Ing. Jiří Buček, Ph.D., and Ing. Filip Kodýtek.

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prof. Ing. Róbert Lórencz, CSc.

Member of the CryptArchi 2019 Organisation Committee

Head of the Department of Information Security

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