How to succeed on the high tech market against big players?

Lecturer:     Petr Ocásek, founder and CEO of Click2Stream
Date and time: 20th March 2014, 9:15–10:45 
Place:       room TK:PU1 in NTK (National Technical Library), 4th floor
Language: English


  1. Why did I start a business and, first of all, why I am still remaining an entrepreneur 
  2. My entrepreneurial genesis : Beneta - second life - startupyard - Node5 - streamhosting - click2stream
  3. What have I learned during my 14 years in business: it needs a better team, faster speed, and bigger ambitions = "think big"
  4. How to choose the right people to the team
  5. How to sell, or why the main value for the sales channel must not be the financial commission
  6. Which strategies on how to best motivate sales channels really worked
  7. There is always someone faster and richer than you, how to fight it
Short bio:
Peter is founder CEO at click2stream (security camera video analysis platform in the cloud), co-founder of startup accelerator StartupYard and incubator Node5. On a volunteering basis he works as a mentor and consultant, especially for b2b start-ups and universities.
About Click2Stream:
Click2Stream, Inc. was founded by 3 experienced professionals in streaming, hosting and computer vision, and set out on a mission to make network cameras smarter and streaming live video and audio from them simpler.
Click2Stream is currently serving customers from more than 111 countries around the world, either directly or via a growing network of professional reseller partners. At the same time it is working with top security camera producers on integration its camera streaming solution directly into firmware. With these partnerships Click2Stream is able to combine millions of cameras and apps into a smart Big Data platform ready to tackle such large tasks as prediction of traffic jams, kidnappings, automatic recognition of street fights and subsequent alarms.

Free entrance.



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