Startup founders' journey: How making small steps lets us achieve big things

Lecturer:     Mirek Černý
Date and time: 10th April 2014, 9:15–10:45 
Place:       lecture room T9:111, FIT CTU, 9 Thákurova Street, Prague
Language: English


  1. How (not) to kill your big idea by protecting it against being stolen
  2. My journey to becoming an entrepreneur
  3. Why you need investors and how to impress them
  4. How it is to be a part of a startup-accelerator “family”
  5. What is even more powerful than investors’ money
  6. Futurelytics story
  7. Why freedom at work is essential
  8. Building a globally distributed team
  9. Three simple steps to skyrocket quickly
Short bio:
Mirek is a co-founder & CTO at Futurelytics (cloud-based analytical platform for marketing & sales). He used to work as an advanced analytics consultant for major European companies.
About Futurelytics:
Futurelytics Inc. was founded in 2012 to bring data-driven customer analytics to a massive scale. Small group of experienced consultants decided to leave their jobs create a cloud-based predictive analytics platform.
With Futurelytics marketers and merchant owners get an instant customer-base insight. They can turn usually yearlong projects into just few-clicks-setup. Best-of-breed models and reports come out-of-the-box. Futurelytics goes even beyond attempts to predict customers’ behavior that is likely to occur in future. With so-called “Prescriptive Analytics” marketers can efficiently personalize their offers and maximize potential hidden revenue. The loop closes by evaluating performance of targeted (re)marketing campaigns driven by Futurelytics’ models and recommendations.

Free entrance.



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