StringMasters is a workshop that takes place several times a year in different cities around the world. Some workshops are organized by The Prague Stringology Club from the Department of Theoretical Computer Science. The topics of the workshop are the various stringology disciplines such as indexing, data compression, or bioinformatics.

The meeting is informal, without a fixed program. Participants form groups according to their interests. The main aim is to bring together researchers in string algorithms at all levels – senior scientists, Ph.D. students, and graduate students.

Current Year

Within the period of August 31 and September 2, the 31st international scientific meeting Summer StringMasters Prague 2017 will be held at the Faculty of Information Technology of CTU. The topics are various stringology disciplines. Participation is free of charge, but you need to register. This year, six meetings already took place at universities in France, South Africa, Mauritius, Canada, Poland, and the USA.

Previous Years

The history of StringMasters goes back to 2007 when the first meeting was held at McMaster University in Canada. StringMasters have already had thirty meetings at various international universities. Our faculty hosts a meeting in 2017 for the fourth time.

Previous years held at FIT CTU
Summer Stringmasters 2015
Summer Stringmasters 2014
Summer StringMasters 2013


The workshop takes place at Dejvice Campus, Prague 6. The main organizers are prof. Ing. Jan Holub, Ph.D., and Ing. Regina Šmídová, both from the Department of Theoretical Computer Science. Prof. Jan Holub is also a member of the Scientific Committee of the workshop.

Jan Holub - profile

prof. Ing. Jan Holub, PhD.

Member of Organizing Committee of StringMasters Prague

Head of the Prague Stringology Club research group

Regina Šmídová - profile

Ing. Regina Šmídová

Member of Organizing Committee of StringMasters Prague

Secretary of the Department of Theoretical Computer Science

Person responsible for the content of this page
prof. Ing. Jan Holub, PhD., jan.holub@fit.cvut.czMember of Organizing Committee of StringMasters Prague

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