Multithreading from hardware to design patterns

Lecture:   Multithreading from hardware to design patterns
Lecturer:     Gael Fraiteur
Date and time: 5th November 2012, 6–7:30 p.m.
Place:       FIT CTU in Prague, 9 Thákurova Street, New Building CTU, lecture room T9:107


In the single-core world, the lock keyword is all the vast majority of developers had to know about multithreading. But with today’s ubiquitous multi-core processors, parallel computing is becoming an increasingly important skill. We will discuss fundamental concepts of multi-core programming as well as their implementation by the .NET Framework. We will see of large-scale multi-core software can be simplified using design patterns and how some these patterns can be ultimately simplified using aspect-oriented programming.


Short CV:

Gael Fraiteur is Chief Software Architect of PostSharp, a leading C# compiler add-on that enables application developers to automate design pattern implementation and deliver higher quality software in less time. He graduated from the Louvain School of Engineering and has lived in Czech Republic since 2001. He is a frequent speaker at international conference and professional communities.


Free entrance.



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