Computer Security Master Branch

The study branch is focused on the research and development of secure information and communication systems. Graduates gain professional knowledge in cryptanalysis principles, detection, and prevention of attacks on computer networks, secure management of information systems, and secure hardware and software design. The guaranteeing department of the branch is the Department of Information Security. The branch is taught both in the Czech and English language.

This branch is directly connected to the current Bachelor Degree Study Programme Informatics, especially Computer Security and Information Technology bachelor branch. However, the branch is also suitable for graduates of similar bachelor informatics programmes. Applicants attend the admission procedure to the Study Program Informatics, they choose the specialization/branch during the study.

Acquired Skills and Knowledge

The aim of the branch is to acquaint students with issues of the cryptology, mathematics, design, implementation, and verification of secure hardware and software, at both theoretical and application level. Students of this branch obtain the knowledge especially about these issues:

  • Cryptology, cryptography, and cryptanalysis
  • Mathematical principles of computer safety
  • Design and implementation of secure hardware and software
  • Reverse engineering of computer software
  • Safe usage and integration of hardware components into information systems
  • Verification of resistance of hardware components against attacks

Professional Profile

Graduates of the Computer Security branch can take positions in companies dealing with the design, implementation, and operation of ICT security solutions and the creation of secure hardware and software. Graduates can ensure secure operation of networks, servers, and data centers. They can work as security analysts, security solutions developers, administrators, and consultants at all levels of ICT security.

Branch Courses

This branch has a balanced ratio of application and general topics, considering an adequate and correct understanding of the security principles of modern ICT systems. The study plan and the recommended study pathway are available in the White Book. The compulsory courses of the branch are:


The guaranteeing department of the branch is the Department of Information Security. Prof. Róbert Lórencz is the branch guarantor. If you have any questions about the admission procedure, please contact the Office of Study.

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prof. Ing. Róbert Lórencz, CSc.

Guarantor of the Computer Security Master Branch

Head of the Department of Information Security

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