Computer Systems and Networks Master Branch

Achieved skills and knowledge

Students of the Computer Systems and Networks branch will understand architectures and technologies of computer systems and their system software across the spectrum of computing platforms ranging from highly parallel architectures on a chip over computer networks and network technology, database and web servers, data centers, mobile and distributed systems and high-performance parallel systems to large scale web systems and cloud computing platforms. They understand the system architecture and will be able to solve applications requiring distributed, mobile, and HPC platforms. For information about courses visit study plan.

Application in the branch

Graduates of the Computer Systems and Networks branch find positions in companies focused on the implementation of modern ICT solutions, programming and delivery of distributed and parallel computer systems, servers, data and computing centers, and others. Thanks to the economics and management training, graduates are able to manage teams addressing these tasks, and become heads of ICT departments of companies, organizations, and public authorities. Also, they can work as team leaders of developers of the architecture, infrastructure architects, technology consultants, and system administrators.

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