Web and Software Engineering Master Branch, Software Engineering Specialization

The Web and Software Engineering branch, Software Engineering specialization is focused on the design, implementation, and maintenance of large software systems. Graduates of this specialization fathom the issue of system analysis, modelling, and programming. The guaranteeing department of the specialization is the Department of Software Engineering. The specialization is taught both in the Czech and English language.

This specialization is directly connected to the current Bachelor Degree Study Programme Informatics, especially the Web and Software Engineering bachelor branch, Software Engineering specialization. However, the specialization is also suitable for graduates of similar bachelor informatics programmes. Applicants attend the admission procedure to the Study Program Informatics, they choose the specialization/branch during the study.

Acquired Skills and Knowledge

The specialization is focused on software tools that are used during the whole software life cycle (from analysis to final maintenance). Students obtain the knowledge about software engineering area, especially about these issues:

  • Database systems design
  • Implementation of the tools for software systems development
  • Orientation in run-time programming systems
  • User interface design for software products

Professional Profile

Graduates of this specialization get acquainted with both the theoretical and manager skills, necessary for management of large software projects and for large software systems management. Graduates find jobs as software analysts, software architects, and chief programmers. They are ready to work as project managers of software projects and to lead teams implementing ICT solutions. Graduates assert themselves also in computational systems operation—management, maintenance and continuous innovation.

Specialization Courses

Graduates of this specialization gain professional knowledge in design and maintenance of large software systems, in construction of database or information systems. The study plan and the recommended study pathway are available in the White Book. The compulsory courses of the specialization are:


The guaranteeing department of the specialization is the Department of Software Engineering. Ing. Michal Valenta, Ph.D., is the specialization guarantor. If you have any questions about the admission procedure, please contact the Office of Study.

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Ing. Michal Valenta, Ph.D.

Guarantor of the Software Engineering Specialization of the WSE Master Branch

Head of the Department of Software Engineering

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