BIE-PA1 – Programming and Algorithmics 1

Students learn to construct algorithms for solving basic problems and write them in the C language. They understand data types (simple, structured, pointers), expressions, statements, functions, concept of recursion. They learn the basics of algorithm complexity analysis. They know fundamental algorithms for searching, sorting, and manipulating with linked lists.
Lecture Program

  1. Algorithm, program, programming languages. Development environments.
  2. Variables, assignment statement, input and output for integer data types.
  3. Data types for real numbers. Expressions.
  4. Control structures, branching, cycles.
  5. Functions, input/output parameters.
  6. Decomposition of a problem into subproblems, recursion.
  7. Arrays, strings.
  8. Pointers, dynamic variables.
  9. Files.
  10. Complexity of algorithms, sorting and searching.
  11. Structures, structured files.
  12. Linked lists.
  13. Modular programming, other features of C.

Labs Program

  1. Numeral systems, conversions. Bit, byte, word, double word. Development environments.
  2. Integer types, variables, assignments, I/O. Representation of integers, two’s complement code.
  3. Real data types. Representation of floating-point numbers. Expressions.
  4. Conditional statements.
  5. Cycles, processing of sequences.
  6. Functions.
  7. Recursive functions.
  8. Arrays and strings.
  9. Pointers and dynamic variables.
  10. Files.
  11. Complexity of algorithms, examples of algorithms with various complexities.
  12. Structures, structured files.
  13. Linked lists.

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