BIE-PA2 – Programming and Algorithmics 2


Students know the instruments of object-oriented programming and are able to use them for specifying and implementing abstract data types (stack, queue, enlargeable array, set, table). They can implement linked structures. They learn these skills using the programming language C++. Although this is not a module of programming in C++, students are introduced to all C++ features needed to achieve the main objective (e.g., operator overloading, templates).

Lecture Program

  1. C++, non-object-oriented extensions.
  2. Programming styles, object-oriented programming.
  3. Operator overloading 1.
  4. Operator overloading 2, shallow copy and deep copy.
  5. Inheritance.
  6. Polymorphism.
  7. Abstract classes, exceptions.
  8. Templates.
  9. [3] Specification and implementation of abstract data types.
  10. Stream library, serialization of objects.
  11. Event-driven program, QT library.

Seminar Program

  1. In solved-problems sessions, the teacher presents the solutions for sample problems, comments the solution, and may add new pieces of information not mentioned in the lectures. Students follow the path to the solution on their own notebooks, take notes and ask questions.

Labs Program

  1. In computer labs, students solve assigned tasks (follow-up to the lectures and solved-problems sessions), the TAs provide consultations and advice.

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