BIE-SI2 – Software Engineering 2


Students will learn to work methodically with respect to software development methodic, especially Unified Process methodic and Unified Modeling Language (UML). They will understand the functions of individual roles in a typical software team, as well as get a practical experience with them in the concurrent BIE-SP2 module. Students will also get an idea about software testing and measuring software quality. This knowledge will get extended with a practical experience thanks to the concurrently running BIE-SP2 module.

Lectures Program

  1. Implementation, deployment of a software product.
  2. Unit testing, continual integration.
  3. Source code maintenance – refactoring, optimization.
  4. Load testing, profiling.
  5. User interface testing, acceptance tests.
  6. Software maintenance – versioning, change planning.
  7. Configuration management.
  8. Methods of gathering requirements and their classification.
  9. Software project management methods.
  10. Analysis, design, and evaluation of a software process.
  11. Software engineering tools and methods.
  12. Software quality – metrics.

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