BIE-TIS – Information Systems Design


Students will learn various ways and methods of design and implementation of information systems. They will gain overview in different kinds of ISs, appropriate technologies, and practical areas of their deployment. Students will also be able to consider customers' requirements on the IS and choose proper technologies for their implementation.

Lectures Program

  1. Introduction to Information Systems, glossary and definitions, subject motivation.
  2. Methods of Information Systems implementation, process control.
  3. Project way of realization, methodology.
  4. Postimplementation stage of project realization.
  5. Legal questions of information systems implementation, specification of information systems delivery to different segments.
  6. Market verticals, information systems types.
  7. Information systems for small- and medium-size companies.
  8. Information systems for large-size companies.
  9. Information systems for manufacturing companies.
  10. Information systems for Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
  11. Information systems for the public administration. Geographical information systems.
  12. Information systems for content management.
  13. Business intelligence.

Labs Program

  1. Introduction to Information Systems implementation.
  2. Implementation tools.
  3. Practical presentation of project implementation.
  4. Project assignment.
  5. Project elaboration.
  6. First project presentation.
  7. Project elaboration.
  8. Final project presentation.

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