Study Modules

Information about Study Modules is here:

PI-APA   Advanced Program Analysis prof. Vitek



Data Compression Algorithms

prof. Holub



Applied Numerical Mathematics

prof. Lórencz




prof. Melichar

PI-ASP   Architecture of Symbolic Computers doc. Kolář



Diagnostics and Reconfiguration of Programmable Circuits

prof. Novák



Exact real arithmetics

prof. Kůrka

PI-EXA   Experimental Algorithmics doc. Schmidt



Seminars on Formal Specifications

doc. Richta

PI-IRT   Information Retrieval prof. Kroha



Quantum Information and Quantum Cryptography

prof. Burdík



Communication Protocols

doc. Janeček



Neural Networks and Computational Intelligence

prof. Bíla



Advanced Parallel Algorithms

prof. Tvrdík



Programmable Circuits and SoC

doc. Kubátová



Advanced Pattern Recognition

prof. Haindl



Seminars on Digital Design

doc. Fišer




prof. Melichar

PI-SWI   Software Engineering prof. Kroha



Graph Theory

prof. Kratochvíl

PI-TMN   Text Mining prof. Kroha
PI-TPL   Type Systems for Programming Languages prof. Vitek



Advanced Computer Architectures

prof. Tvrdík

Instructions for the registration of the modules

The modules written off at the Faculty of Information Technology are under this code ( PI-xxx ) written off in the system KOS.  

Besides these modules can the Ph.D. students of the doctoral study programme Informatics register the doctoral modules from the other faculties of CTU, from the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics in Prague, from the University of Economics in Prague.
If you need to register into the system KOS the module from the other faculty of CTU or from the other university, consult the study with the concerned lecturer and prepare The Application form of the foreign module for the new semester that contains the written annotation of the module with the name of the Ph.D. student, name of the university and faculty, name of the module in the Czech and English language, the name of the lecturer and the signature of the supervisor.  

The Ph.D. student registers altogether 4 – 6 one-semester obligatory specialized modules, that are unanimously valuated by four credits and they must be finished by the examination. These modules chooses the Ph.D. student from the accredited doctoral study programmes, whereas at least 2 modules must be from DSP Informatics at the Faculty of Information Technology (that means from the here mentioned list).

The obligatory modules are to be passed by visiting of lectures, seminars, by study hours or by consultations. The form will be negotiated between the Ph.D. student, the supervisor and the professor responsible for the doctoral module.

The study of the obligatory specialized modules, the processing of the specialized study and discussion about it are in the basic block of study planned for maximal 4 semesters in the full-time of study of the doctoral study programme and for maximal 6 semesters in the part-time study of the doctoral study programme. All is mentioned after the agreement with the supervisor in the Individual study plan (ISP) of the Ph.D. student.  

Entrance requirements

The graduation in a master program focused on Informatics. The knowledge in automata and formal languages theory, complexity theory, graph theory, combinatorial analysis, statistics and probability theory, algebra, number theory.  

Other duties during study

Practical teaching within 4 semesters equivalent to 2 seminars hour per week. (internal regulation of CTU in Prague) It is not in force for the part-time form of study. The Ph.D. student can the obligatory practical teaching complete with the further non-obligatory teaching, eventually with a leadership of the semester projects or of the final bachelor or master theses.  

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