Open Days

The Open Days are intended for general public and all those who are interested in studying at the Faculty of Information Technology, CTU. At this event, visitors can find a lot of information about the study, including the conditions for the admission procedure. In addition, you can visit the faculty and its laboratories. An interesting accompanying program is also prepared.

At our faculty, the Open Days are usually held twice a year—mostly in December and at the turn of January and February.

For Applicants for Study in the 2020/2021 Academic Year

The Open Days will be held on Wednesday, January 29, 2020. This date is also suitable for master and doctoral study programme applicants. The main program will take place in the New Building CTU in Prague, Thákurova 9. On Saturday, December 7, 2019, we also organized the Open Day. It was suitable primarily for bachelor study programme applicants.

Previous Academic Years

Doc. Jiřina on a open day
Dean doc. M. Jiřina during the presentation about the study

Our faculty has organised the Open Days since its establishment in 2009. It is possible to take a look at the photos or the presentations of the study programs on the website of the particular event.

Open days in 2018/2019
Open Day on Jan. 24, 2019
Open Day on Dec. 1, 2018
Open days in 2012–2018 (available only in Czech)
Open Day on Jan. 25, 2018
Open Day on Dec. 9, 2017
Open Day on Feb. 3, 2017
Open Day on Dec. 16, 2016
Open Day on Jan. 29, 2016
Open Day on Dec. 3, 2015
Open Day on Jan. 30, 2015
Open Day on Dec. 3, 2014
Open Day on Feb. 3, 2014
Open Day on Dec. 5, 2013
Open Day on Feb. 5, 2013
Open Day on Nov. 29, 2012


The Faculty of Information Technology, CTU, is located on the Dejvice Campus in Prague. The faculty uses mainly the premises of the New Building CTU in Prague 6, Thákurova 9. If you have any questions about the Open Days, please contact the Office of Public Relations using e-mail address

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