Tours of the Laboratories on the Open Day on Jan. 24, 2019

Tours of the Laboratories
on the Open Day on Jan. 24, 2019

The faculty also opens the doors to its research laboratories. You can visit them by yourself in the adjacent Building A. For example, you can look forward to workshops or teasers of students’ work and theses.

Building A, floors 9–14, alone or with accompaniment from the New Building CTU
  • The 9th floor
    Centre for Conceptual Modelling and Implementation—TH:A-951
    Presentation of interesting projects, project management training and the DA_SPACE laboratory, which specialises in supporting innovative projects of young teams and startups
    Laboratory of Network Traffic Monitoring—TH:A-956
    Practical demonstration of attacks on the Internet of Things (IoT) protocols, including their detection and monitoring of computer network
    Demonstration of web application security and attacks on them (e.g., SQL injection, buffer overflow)
  • The 10th floor
    Games with Arduino and XILINX products—TH:A-1042
    Demonstration of student tasks of Computer Engineering branch courses and a chance to try them out
    Intelligent Embedded Systems Laboratory—TH:A-1054
    Meeting with the Pepper and NAO humanoid robots who shows you what the students have taught them
    Hardware Workroom—TH:A-1058
    Examples of cypher breaking, oscilloscope or microscope
    Workshop on how to design, bake and program your product within 15 minutes
  • The 11th floor
    RFID Laboratory—TH:A-1158
    Demonstration of algebraic cryptanalysis, malware detection and digital currency
  • The 12th floor
    Demonstration of image and video processing options—interactive camera system for tracking objects and persons, glass defect detection or thermal imaging computer heat analysis
  • The 13th floor
    Presentation of projects dealing mainly with artificial intelligence and machine learning
    Demonstration of algorithms for video content recognition, data analysis, referral systems, and deep learning
  • The 14th floor
    Opportunity to try real user testing
    Demonstration of student application that is used for training children
    Demonstration of the display system with a resolution of 8K+ (9600 × 4320 px), autostereoscopic imaging and work of graphic design students
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