Prague Embedded Systems Workshop 2019

On June 27–29, the seventh year of the Prague Embedded Systems Workshop (PESW) 2019 is organised by the FIT Department of Digital Design. The event is intended for students (not only doctoral—it also includes a competition for the best bachelor/master thesis), and its main aim is to establish cooperation between universities not only from the Czech Republic and Europe. Deadline for submitting papers is May 27. The workshop is held in Roztoky u Prahy and its language is English. The program also includes interesting lectures by experts from research and industry.


The research meeting is intended for the presentation and discussion of students’ results and progress in all aspects of embedded systems design, testing and application. The workshop is mainly focused on dependable and low power design, testing methods related to the SoC technology and modern embedded application.

The scope of submissions includes not only:

  • Embedded systems and network security focused on current issues
  • New topics and methods using programmable circuits
  • Hardware and software implementation taking into account testability, reliability and resilience against failures and attacks
  • Intelligent systems
  • Heterogeneous cyber-physical systems
  • Robotic control
  • Internet of Things (IoT)


Call for Papers is currently running. It is possible to submit full papers, abstracts, or student posters of bachelor of master theses defended this or in the last year (since summer 2018). The deadline for submissions is until May 27 for papers and until June 23 for the poster session. A part of the program includes interesting lectures of experts from research and industry not only from the Czech Republic. The oral presentations are based on the proceedings published by CTU Publishing House.

The conference also includes three keynotes:

  • Elena-Ioana Vatajelu: Randomness in Emerging Technologies: Functional Robustness vs. Security
  • Paolo Bernardi: Automotive Testing Challenges
  • Jan Kořenek: Hardware Acceleration Techniques for Network Monitoring and Security

About the Event

The event aims to connect students and establish cooperation between universities not only in the Czech Republic and Europe. CTU sponsors the conference as a student scientific conference. The IEEE Student Branch CTU sponsors students’ contributions in the poster section. CTU students and all lecturers have free registration. Registration for the others will start during June. For more information, visit the conference website.

Event type
Faculty of Information Technology, CTU
June 27–29, 2019
Academic hotel & Congress Centre
Tyršovo náměstí 2222, Roztoky u Prahy
Event website
The 7th Prague Embedded Systems Workshop


The workshop is organised by members of the Department of Digital Design of the Faculty of Information Technology, CTU. The meeting is held in Roztoky u Prahy. For more information, you can contact the organisers. The organisation of this conference is provided by AMCA company. The conference is sponsored by CTU within the Student Scientific Conference program.

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doc. Ing. Hana Kubátová, CSc.

Organiser of PESW

Head of the Department of Digital Design

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doc. Ing. Petr Fišer, Ph.D.

Organiser of PESW

Associate Professor at the Department of Digital Design

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