Digital Design & Dependability Research Group

DDD group conducts basic research in the area of digital design, mainly in the area of digital design methodologies with respect to optimizations of many parameters: area overhead, working frequency, low-power, latency, testability, dependability, fault – tolerance, attack resistance. Also, it focuses on hardware-software codesign and design of cryptographic hardware. The results of the basic research are verified using practical experiments and projects performed in labs equipped with programmable hardware kits (FPGA) and processors and EDA tools. The DDD group is also active in organizing international conferences (Euromicro DSD, DDECS). In 2013, it started The Prague Embedded Systems Workshop series.  


  • Arithmetic circuits for cryptography
  • Asynchronous circuits design
  • Attack resistant systems
  • Cryptanalysis by massively parallel FPGA engines
  • Formal verification of hybrid circuits
  • Hardware implementation of specific algorithms
  • Logic synthesis and optimization
  • Reliability, dependability, and testing of logic circuits
  • SEU-resistant systems in FPGA




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Doc. Ing. Hana Kubátová, CSc.


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