Knowledge Engineering

This study branch is NOT OPEN for admission in 2018

Acquired Knowledge and Skills

Students will gain comprehensive knowledge in the field of data processing. They understand the problem of data acquisition, methods for storing information, and especially algorithms for extracting important information from data. This branch of study gradually introduces students to software tools and practical examples within the subjects studied. The students will become familiar with the possibilities of storing and processing large data (cloud-based technologies for Big Data), tools for pre-processing and custom data mining, and last but not least, artificial-intelligence-based tools used in the field of data processing. Within the elective courses, the students can focus themselves on the areas of image processing and text mining. During their studies, the students can participate in co-op projects and to establish contacts with future employees.

Professional Profile

Graduates of this branch of study will find jobs as data analysts in companies that need to evaluate and acquire information from data. Due to the huge and exponentially fast growing volumes of published and collected data, the need to evaluate data can be found in almost every larger company today. This is the reason of high demand for experts in this field.

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