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EuroTeQ Collider

Join the new learning and research format of the EuroTeQ Collider call and earn 5 ECTS credits for successful participation. This year’s topic is “Leave no waste behind”, which will focus on three topical clusters: cities – energy – consumption.

About the project

The EuroTeQ Engineering University project strives to promote collaboration between 6 European universities and 45 technology partners and develop a new approach to educating future engineers. The EuroTeQ Collider call aims to connect participants to boost creativity, innovation and knowledge sharing, leading to the development of new approaches as well as the design of unusual solutions within the given topic.

The Collider takes place at all EuroTeQ partners in the form of project weeks. The program of these weeks is created together with industrial partners, start-ups, teachers and students from each institution.

Contact information

For additional info on EuroTeQ Collider please contact prof. Henri Achten: