Study guide

Admission procedure for applicants from Ukraine with refugee status

The conditions for an extraordinary admission procedure are currently being prepared and approved. We expect their approval and publication at the beginning of June. After that, the application process will be open.

Extraordinary admission procedure for applicants from Ukraine with refugee status for the 2022/2023 academic year

We preliminarily assume:

  • Start of the admission procedure and the application process at the beginning of June. 
  • Closing date for applications on 21 Aug. 2022.
  • Date of the entrance examination on 29 Aug. 2022.
  • Deadline for submitting the required documents by 31 Aug. 2022 (proof of previous education, certificate of successfully passed Czech language exam at level B1).
  • Registration into the study at the beginning of September.

Basic information on admission requirements and the entrance exam

  • The extraordinary admission procedure is only for Czech study programs.
  • The required level of Czech language proficiency is B1.
  • The entrance exam is in Mathematics. The assignment of examples will be in both Czech and English.

Proof of previous education

  • Applicants who successfully pass the entrance examination have to provide proof of recognition of secondary/high school education (so-called nostrification) before enrolment. CTU mediates the nostrification of the applicants.


The first year of study and recognition of previous studies

  • During the first year of study, we will allow, within the possibilities and free capacity of the courses, Ukrainian students in the Czech program to study some courses in English so that the transition to teaching in Czech will be gradual.
  • After admission, each student will be individually assessed for their study situation. They can prove the completion of courses from previous studies, and if they correspond in content to FIT courses, they will be recognized. If the student is not able to prove the completion of the course, they can directly pass the exam, and the course will be recognized. Depending on the number of recognized courses, it may then be assigned to a higher year and/or its study plan may be adjusted.

We are opening admission to the Czech program for the following reasons

  • According to our experience, Ukrainian students are able to learn Czech at a level that allows them to study successfully within about half a year.
  • The Czech program guarantees that it is free if the standard length of study does not exceed 4 years in bachelor’s study or 3 years in master’s study.
  • In the English program, the tuition fee is CZK 64,000 / semester. Any subsidy is uncertain and will certainly not cover the entire duration of the study.
  • Not all study specializations are open in the English program.

Admission of applicants for a short-term stay at CTU in the 2021/2022 academic year
Due to the full capacity, the application process has been terminated.

Ukrainian students who were prevented from studying at a university in Ukraine due to the current situation could apply for admission to the CTU in Prague as free movers. These students are now taking preparatory courses in the Czech language and Mathematics, and we expect them to apply for the extraordinary admission procedure.

For those accepted for a short-term study stay, regardless of faculty, the following applies

  • In the current summer semester of the 2021/2022 academic year, students are admitted for a short-term study stay at the faculty according to their current study specialization.
  • They have gained student status and are provided with comprehensive support, including financial support.
  • They are allowed to study the Czech language and other selected courses according to their current field of study.
  • A joint course “UKMAT” is offered to prepare for the Mathematics entrance examination.
  • If they are interested in continuing their full-time studies at a CTU faculty in the next academic year, they should apply to the relevant faculty for the admission procedure, and if they successfully pass the entrance exam, they will be accepted as full-time students from the 2022/2023 academic year.
  • If they have previously completed a substantial part of their studies in Ukraine, courses comparable to those at CTU may be recognized upon admission.

For those accepted for a short-term study stay at FIT, the following also applies

Summer semester 2021/2022
  • In addition to the compulsory Czech language and Mathematics courses mentioned above, the online course UKR-PKM is also mandatory, which will further prepare the candidates for the entrance exam in Mathematics at FIT.
  • Each student can register for some courses from the current semester. Successful completion is not required, but attendance and active participation is required. If the student completes the course, the course will be recognized in future studies.
  • Students can choose from courses taught in English or Czech.
  • Before deciding whether to continue studying at FIT next year, we recommend that you look at the FIT study specializations so that the chosen specialization corresponds to the specialization from the previous study.
Admission procedure
  • If a student wants to continue their studies at FIT in the next academic year, they must apply (information on the admission procedure at FIT), preferably by 31 March 2022. An extraordinary admission procedure is announced for students from Ukraine with refugee status who could not apply for the regular deadline for objective reasons.
  • The entrance exam is in Mathematics and takes the form of written multiple-choice questions and a follow-up interview. It will be in Czech or English (also for admission to the Czech program).