Introducing software testing – Barclays style

Přednáška:   Introducing software testing – Barclays style
Přednášející:   Kris Haumann (Barclays)
Datum a čas: 20. dubna 2015, 18–19:30 hodin
Místo:       FIT ČVUT v Praze, Thákurova 9, NB ČVUT, posluchárna T9:111
Jazyk: angličtina

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Obsah přednášky:

Software testing is a craft that requires plenty of practice to perfect.  The discipline is more than simply “trying to see if it works”.  Within Barclays you can now join one of the biggest teams with over 1500 skilled testers across 6 countries and across divisions of the bank.  Explore the latest techniques and technologies. Network with a wide variety of skilled testing professionals and work closely with the greater project teams. As a tester you will get the opportunity to learn a wide variety of crafts: requirements analysis, test framework development, project management skills and becoming an SME on the product solution you support.

Stručný životopis přednášejícího:                                 

Kris Haumann has over 15 years of Software testing experience in the following fields: Test Management, Performance Testing and Test Automation.  Being with Barclays since 2009 he has been involved in implementing Rapid Software Testing across a Test Organization of over 1000 Software Testers. Currently a Business Analyst in Liquidity Management – he believes that Software Testing is not just a value add at the end of the SDLC, but a coherent application of heuristics across the entire SDLC. 
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