Obhájené dizertační práce

Jméno Název práce Datum Posudky
Ing. Jan Vraný, Ph.D. Supporting Multiple Languages in Virtual Machines 13.12.2010 Posudky oponentů
Ing. Michal Košťál, Ph.D. Market-based Resource Allocation in Non-Dedicated Clusters 13.12.2012 Posudky oponentů
Ing. Tomáš Flouri, Ph.D. Pattern matching in tree structures 14.5.2013 Posudky oponentů
Mgr. Martin Šťava, Ph.D. Overlapping Non-dedicated Clusters Architecture 26.6.2013 Posudky oponentů
Ing. Jiří Halák, Ph.D. 4.7.2013 Posudky oponentů
Ing. Jiří Kvasnička, Ph.D. Reliability Analysis of SRAM-based Field-Programmable Gate Arrays 21.1.2014 Posudky oponentů
Ing. Petr Žejdl, Ph.D. Low-Latency Video Transmissions for Real-Time Collaboration with a Scalable Hardware Acceleration 23.1.2014 Posudky oponentů
Ing. Jaroslav Sýkora, Ph.D. Programmable and Customizable Hardware Accelerators for Self-adaptive Virtual Processors in FPGA 10.4.2014 Posudky oponentů
Ing. Petr Procházka, Ph.D. Natural Language Compression Using Byte Codes 3.9.2014 Posudky oponentů
Ing. Ondřej Guth, Ph.D. Searching Regularities in Strings using Finite Automata 10.10.2014 Posudky oponentů
Ing. Ivo Lašek, Ph.D. Information Extraction and Data Acquisition for News Articles Filtering and Recommendation 21.4.2015 Posudky oponentů
Ing. Daniel Langr, Ph.D. Algorithms and Data Structures for Very Large Sparse Matrices 22.5.2015 Posudky oponentů
Ing. Jaroslav Borecký, Ph.D. Dependable Systems Design Methods for FPGAs 21.1.2016 Posudky oponentů
Ing. Martin Kohlík, Ph.D. Hierarchical Dependability Models Based on Markov Chains 21.1.2016 Posudky oponentů
Ing. Jaroslav Kuchař, Ph.D. Rich Semantic Representations in Web Usage Mining 6.2.2017 Posudky oponentů
Ing. Jiří Balcárek, Ph.D. Implicit Representations in Testing and Dependability of Digital Circuits 23.2.2017 Posudky oponentů
Ing. Martin Chloupek, Ph.D. Digital Circuits Testing Based on Pattern Overlapping and Broadcasting 23.2.2017 Posudky oponentů
Ing. Pavel Benáček, Ph.D. Generation of High-Speed Network Device from High-Level Description 22.3.2017 Posudky oponentů
Ing. Tomáš Vaňát, Ph.D. Physical Fault Injection and Monitoring Methods for Programmable Devices 25.7.2017 Posudky oponentů
Ing. Radomír Vávra, Ph.D. Adaptive Measurement of Material Appearance 24.11.2017 Posudky oponentů
Ing. Zdeněk Rybola, Ph.D. Towards OntoUML for Software Engineering: Transformation of OntoUML into Relational Databases 9.2.2018 Posudky oponentů
Ing. Pavel Vít, Ph.D. Dependable design methods for programmable circuits with respect to area overhead 21.2.2018 Posudky oponentů
Mgr. Václav Remeš, Ph.D. Texture modeling applied to medical images 2.3.2018 Posudky oponentů
Ing. Martin Poliak, Ph.D. On Indexes of Ordered Trees for Subtrees and Tree Patterns and Their Space Complexities 6.4.2018 Posudky oponentů
Ing. Mikuláš Krupička, Ph.D. Iris Analysis 24.4.2018 Posudky oponentů
Ing. Jiří Buček, Ph.D. Properties and Implementation Aspects of Residue Arithmetic for a Hardware Solver of Systems of Linear Equations 29.5.2018 Posudky oponentů
Ing. Josef Gattermayer, Ph.D. Towards a decentralised peer-to-peer cluster 26.6.2018 Posudky oponentů
Ing. Martin Daňhel, Ph.D. Prediction and Analysis of Mission Critical Systems Dependability 28.8.2018 Posudky oponentů
Ing. Tomáš Čejka, Ph.D. Stream-wise Parallel Anomaly Detection in Computer Networks 19.10.2018 Posudky oponentů
Ing. Radek Richtr, Ph.D. Dynamic Texture Modeling 23.11.2018 Posudky oponentů
Ing. Milan Dojčinovski, Ph.D. Linked Data Based Knowledge Provisioning  8.2.2019 Posudky oponentů
Ing. Tomáš Řehořek, Ph.D. Manipulating the Capacity of Recommendation Models in Recall-Coverage Optimization  4.4.2019 Posudky oponentů
Ing. Jan Trávníček, Ph.D. (Nonlinear) Tree Pattern Indexing and Backward Matching  5.4.2019 Posudky oponentů
Ing. Jiří Dostál, Ph.D. Time and Frequency Transfer in Local Networks  5.4.2019 Posudky oponentů
Ing. Jan Pospíšil, Ph.D. Reliable FPGA Architecture  28.5.2019 Posudky oponentů
Ing. Martin Šlapák, Ph.D. Adaptive control algorithms of intelligent agents  19.6.2019 Posudky oponentů
Ing. Ladislava Smítková Janků, Ph.D. Improvement of the Routing in Opportunistic Networks by the Application of Unsupervised and Supervised Machine Learning Techniques  18.10.2019 Posudky oponentů
Ing. Tomáš Bartoň, Ph.D. Meta-optimizations for Cluster Analysis  18.12.2019 Posudky oponentů


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