Fuming Acid, Reverse Engineering and Cryptanalysis: Open Sesame in the 21st Century

Přednáška: Fuming Acid, Reverse Engineering and Cryptanalysis: Open Sesame in the 21st Century
Přednášející: Timo Kasper
Datum a čas: 21. října 2013, 18–19:30 hodin
Místo: FIT ČVUT v Praze, Thákurova 9, NB ČVUT, posluchárna T9:107

Obsah přednášky:

The talks sums up two recent papers (CRYPTO 2013 [1] and SAC 2013 [2]) about breaking an electronic locking system. After an introduction to (electronic) locking systems and cryptography, Timo will sum up found security flaws and vulnerabilities in commercial products for access control. Recent improvements of the open-source card emulator ‘chameleon’ for Mifare and other cards will be presented. As the main part, a recent security analysis of a widespread electronic locking system (used in banks, prisons, airports and other high security venues worldwide) is presented: The combination of reverse-engineering, side-channel analysis and mathematical cryptanalysis reveals weaknesses in the system that allow opening secured doors in seconds.


Stručný životopis přednášejícího:

Dr.-Ing. Timo Kasper is a researcher at the HGI / Chair for Embedded Security of the Ruhr-University Bochum [3] and is co-founder of the security engineering company Kasper & Oswald GmbH [4].


Note: FIT has an Erasmus agreement with Bochum until 2015, so students and teachers can still get financial support to spend some time in Bochum.

Contact: doc. RNDr. Josef Kolář, CSc., josef.kolar@fit.cvut.cz


[1] Fuming Acid and Cryptanalysis: Handy Tools for Overcoming a Digital Locking and Access Control System 2013 – Daehyun Strobel, Benedikt Driessen, Gregor Leander, Timo Kasper, David Oswald, Falk Schellenberg, Christof Paar CRYPTO 2013

[2] When Reverse-Engineering Meets Side-Channel Analysis–Digital Lockpicking in Practice 2013 – David Oswald, Daehyun Strobel, Falk Schellenberg, Timo Kasper, Christof Paar Selected Areas in Cryptography 2013 (SAC 2013), Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, August 14–16, 2013

[3] http://emsec.rub.de/chair/_staff/Timo_Kasper/

[4] www.kasper-oswald.com


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