Eve of Digital Enlightenment

Přednáška: Eve of Digital Enlightenment
Přednášející: Prof. Ilya Levin
Datum a čas: 16. prosince 2013, 18–19:30 hodin
Místo: FIT ČVUT v Praze, Thákurova 9, NB ČVUT, posluchárna T9:107
Jazyk: Angličtina

Obsah přednášky:

The talk presents a novel approach for studies of a Digital Society. According to this approach, the Digital Society consists of a real conventional component and a virtual component being the global virtual information space, which comprises, inter alia, the interacting personal human infospheres. Both the virtual information space and the infospheres are defined and discussed in the talk.

he Digital Society can be characterized by a number of processes. Among them: 1) blurring of the distinction between reality and virtuality, 2) blurring of the distinctions between human, machine and nature, 3) reversal from information scarcity to information abundance, 4) shift from the primacy of entities to the primacy of interactions.

Development of the virtual information space can be considered an evolutional process, similar to the history of mankind. It is shown in the talk that the present stage of its development may be called the eve of the Digital Enlightenment era. According to Immanuel Kant, the fundamental paradigm of the 18th century Enlightenment was “freedom of reasoning” of entities. In the Digital Society, the “freedom of reasoning” takes a new meaning and becomes the reasoning of so-called “networked” or “interacting” entities. It is shown that the new reasoning of the networked entities is strongly connected with such new phenomena of the Digital Society as: online personality, big data and social media.


Stručný životopis přednášejícího:

Prof. Ilya Levin, Head of Mathematics, Science and Technology Education Department, School of Education, Tel-Aviv University. Ilya Levin received his Ph.D. degree in Computer Engineering in 1987, when being the Head of the Computer Science Department in the Leningrad Institute of New Technologies (in the former USSR). Between 1993 and 1997, Ilya Levin was the Head of the Computer Systems Department in the Center for Technological Education, Holon, Israel. In 1997, he worked as a Research fellow in the Computer Science Department of University of Massachusetts, USA.

During four years between 2003-2006, Ilya Levin was an Associate Professor of the School of Engineering in the Bar Ilan University, Israel. Presently, Prof. Ilya Levin is a Head of Department of Math, Science and Technology Education of the Tel Aviv University. His recent research interests include: Computer Design, Human Concepts Learning, Culturology of Information Society. Ilya Levin is the author of more than 130 research papers both in Computer Engineering and in Education.

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