Strategy in the ICT industry on case studies

The goal of this course is to give students an overview of the most important success factors in a dynamic market of ICT and allow them to think about their own career in the context of real life case studies of contemporary ICT industry. Students will learn the principles of strategic management of companies operating in converging sectors influenced by ICT on real-life case studies discussed directly with entrepreneurs and senior executives of these firms. Two categories of companies will be invited for interactive discussion of their strategy and vision: start-up companies represented by their founders, and the ICT industry biggest companies such as Google, Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, represented by their senior managers. On the basis of these experiences, students will be able to make their own conclusions on how to succeed in their professional life.


1. What are the biggest contemporary developments in the Internet and ICT business? How can we explain these developments in the broader context of the ongoing paradigm shift of the ICT industry from its current form based on the PC and commercial software to the new form based on broad adoption of consumer electronics and cloud services?
2. How is the field of information and communication technology specific compared to other fields of business? How this specificity manifests itself in terms of strategy creation? Which other, originally separate industries, are now becoming an integral part of the IT industry, why this integration happens and how it affects the strategy in these "absorbed" industries? How is the IT industry landscape changing in the emerging era of consumer electronics and cloud services?
3. The original business model of the IT industry in the past, its business model today, and the emerging business model at the time of consumer electronics and cloud services. A more detailed description of business strategies that proved successful at the time of PC-based industry. What changes in the strategy will occur in the coming time of consumer electronics and cloud services? What are the main factors for success in the emerging market of cloud services?
4. to 12.
Presentations of invited guests that discuss strategy of their high-tech companies, followed by discussion. There will be two categories of invited guests:
a. Owners and founders of high-tech start-ups (e.g, in the field of SaaS, consumer electronics, innovative internet services, technology) with the following standardized outline: 
i. Why we entered our market segment? 
ii. What market do we target and why we think we can succeed?
iii. What go-to-market strategy we have chosen and why?
iv. "Lessons Learned", or what we did well, what we did not, and what we would do differently today
b. Lectures of senior executives of global blue-chip corporations (eg IBM, Google, Microsoft, Cisco) on the strategy of their company at the time of the emerging new paradigm of consumer electronics and cloud services-based ICT industry. Discussion of the changes implemented in their company's strategy to respond to the current fundamental shift in the ICT industry. Discussion of the future strategic direction of the company.
You can find this course also in syllabus with the code MIE-STR. All lectures will be in English.

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