RNDr. Petr Olšák


Bachelor theses

Embedding interactive elements and multimedia into PDF files using TeX

Michal Vlasák
Bachelor thesis
RNDr. Petr Olšák
Ing. Ondřej Guth, Ph.D.
This bachelor thesis concerns itself with the area of interactive features and multimedia in PDF files, especially in connection with TeX. Apart from the analysis and discussion of what PDF standard offers, or what is implemented by existing TeX packages, the focus was also practical--testing what really works in PDF viewers available today. It turns out, that PDF offers many interactive and multimedia possibilities. The support in PDF viewers is however strongly lacking. The exception is the de-facto reference viewer Acrobat and a viewer strongly influenced by it--Foxit. However, there are open-source viewers (Evince, Okular) whose use in some areas may be completely satisfactory. The gained knowledge was used to create a package for a new TeX format OpTeX. The package implements those interactive features and multimedia capabilities that have sense in the context of TeX and also work in practice. The package is publicly and freely available. In the area of multimedia, the resulting package offers the possibility to insert audio, video, and 3D art. In the area of interactive features, it for example complexly handles actions, trigger events, or transitions.