Why do research with us

Image to data conversion, robotics, artificial intelligence, crime prediction, ethical hacking? The scope of our scientific work is very large. We employ dozens of IT brains that love research. We have 20 laboratories, 13 research groups and are planning to open more. We are pushing the boundaries of IT.


The whole faculty is devoted to informatics and we go deep and wide

We can make use of an unusually high concentration of intelligence, scientific IT enthusiasm, creativity and desire to push the boundaries. Our study programs focus on all aspects of the informatics field and students can explore all areas in more depth under research projects.

Research topics


Cutting-edge technological equipment

Thanks to our equipment students can try and test everything in practice – from programming of robots, testing new possibilities of 3D printing, creating advanced graphics applications to data processing.


Specialized laboratories and research groups

We cover all areas of informatics – in both study and research. Therefore, everyone can do what they like best. We have 13 research groups focused on different topics and 20 superbly equipped laboratories.

Research groups Laboratories


We are scalable, we can manage projects of any size

We are no know-it-alls. We have experts who specialize in their field and who gather around them other enthusiasts. It is not unusual that one department has several research groups. No project is too big or too small for us.


We have completed dozens of successful projects

An analysis of chip cards security, minimization of manual work on user interface, creation of new methods for data mining – these are just a few of the projects that we have undertaken with the participation of our best scientists and creative students. 

List of projects

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