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Office of Study Affairs

Do you need advice on the admission procedure, studies, exams, credits, or a study plan? We will be happy to handle all study-related administration with you and provide consultations on study matters. You can visit us during office hours or contact us electronically.

Temporary measures

The Office of Study Affairs operates within the stated office hours. On other days, in the online mode, i.e. via emails or MS Teams, most of your requests can be handled in this way. See examples below. Matters requiring the personal presence of students out of the stated office hours can be handled only by prior agreement of the student with the officer.


Contactless submission of documents

You can submit documents to the Office of Study Affairs contactless at any time during the opening hours of the New Building, in the white box located next to the office (3rd floor opposite door 312b). This is how you can submit, for example:

  • Documents required in the admission procedure
  • Requests related to the study

Examples of electronic confirmations

  • Issuance of a confirmation of study (apart from a certificate for the Foreign Police)
  • Issuance of a certificate of completed courses within the study at FIT
  • Issuance of a certificate of completion of the State Final Examination and a certificate of obtaining the title (Bc., Ing.)

Electronic sending of applications/requests

For further applications/requests, it is possible to fill in the appropriate form, sign and send it scanned by email. It is possible to send electronically as follows:

  • Notice of withdrawal from studies
  • Request to interrupt studies
  • Request to extend/reduce interruption of studies 
  • Request to recognize courses

All forms

Study instructions and procedures

Here is a set of instructions and information for standard situations that you often deal with. If you do not find the answer here, the Office of Study Affairs is at your disposal. We will be happy to advise you on any issues you may have and answer your questions.

Study Guide

Office hours

The Office of Study Affairs can be visited during office hours. Arrange another date for a visit by email with your study officer. For applicants and students of English programs, it is Ms Facer. An appointment with the Vice-Dean for Study Affairs must be first arranged by email.

Due to the Graduation and Matriculation Ceremony, the office hours are canceled on the following days: 9 and 10 Sep., 21 Sep., 30 Sep., and 18 Nov. 2021.

  Office of Study Affairs Officer for SFE
Monday 13:00–15:00 13:00–15:00
Tuesday Consultations by prior arrangements with the appropriate officer.
Wednesday 09:30–11:30
Thursday 10:00–12:00 10:00–12:00

Vice-Dean and officers

Your study officer can answer most of your questions. We will handle special questions that go beyond the common agenda with the help of other experts. Contact us with everything you are interested in.

Vice-Dean for Study Affairs

Ing. Zdeněk Muzikář, CSc.

Vice-Dean for Study Affairs

Head of the Office of Study Affairs

Zdeňka Kutinová

Head of the Office of Study Affairs

Applicants and students of English programs

Ludmila Facer

Officer for studies in English

State Final Examinations

Bc. Adéla Bryan, DiS.

Officer for State Final Examination

KOS study information system administrators

Mgr. Alena Libánská, Ph.D.

Secretary of the Department of Software Engineering

Ing. Ivan Halaška

Methodologist of the KOS system for FIT, Administrator of study plans in the KOS system

Where to find us

The Office of Study Affairs is located on the 3rd floor of the New Building of CTU. The office of the officer for the State Final Examinations is on the 10th floor of Building A. 

Czech Technical University in Prague
Faculty of Information Technology
Office of Study Affairs

Thákurova 9
160 00 Prague 6
Czech Republic

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