Bachelor’s degree at FIT

A solid foundation in many areas of Informatics

We can teach you how to program, think like a hacker, become familiar with computer hardware and virtual systems, or look into theoretical computer science in three years. You will certainly choose from the offered specializations. Sign up for FIT.

Everything about the admission procedure

You study in the Informatics program and choose your specialization during your studies

Not everyone is clear about their future profession from kindergarten. Maybe even now, you need to figure out which specialization is right for you. That is why we have designed the bachelor program to give you an insight into the various IT fields before you decide where your heart takes you.

Bachelor specializations

Balanced portion of theory and practice

We cannot do without theoretical knowledge of computer operation and a considerable dose of mathematics in computer science. But as the classic says, the best teacher is practice. In addition to many practical exercises, you can also get involved in real projects of successful companies.

10.5 reasons to study at FIT

Events for applicants and new students

You can get acquainted with our faculty even before you start studying. You can participate at the beginning of several informal voluntary events full of practical tips to facilitate your studies at FIT.

Overview of events Open Day

Stories of those who passed FIT

We taught computer science to students who used a computer only for browsing the Internet. We excited one graduate so much that she stayed with the faculty. We helped another to start a successful company. These are just fragments of the stories we have become part of.

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