Master’s degree at FIT

Deepening knowledge of Computer Science, theoretical and practical

The master study program goes in-depth into both practical and theoretical levels. For two years, you can focus only on the area that interests you.

Everything about the Admission Procedure

Five purely Computer Science specializations

Are you more into hardware or software? Do you prefer programming or theoretical computer science? Do you enjoy embedded systems or systems management and networking more? We teach it all. Discover unexplored corners of specialization that interest you.

Master specializations

An enthusiastic community that will engulf you

The demanding study is balanced by a friendly atmosphere and an open approach of teachers and faculty management. A lot of events are organized for those interested in studying, as well as for newly admitted students, and everyone else will quickly draw you into the life of the faculty.

Events for applicants Events for all students

Cross borders, literally

A wide selection of destinations, practising English or another foreign language with a native speaker, exploring the world outside the Czechia, experience from foreign colleagues – even a renowned travel agency would not be ashamed to offer our stays abroad.

Study abroad

Stories of those who passed FIT

We taught computer science to students who used a computer only for browsing the Internet. We excited one graduate so much that she stayed with the faculty. We helped another to start a successful company. These are just fragments of the stories we have become part of.

Is it a match?

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