Ing. Magda Friedjungová, Ph.D.


Although Magda liked informatics and maths at high school, she decided to study humanities. She only realized that technical fields might interest her more after she got her first job at a software company.

After she completed her bachelor studies in humanities, she decided to continue her master studies in Knowledge Engineering. She got her first job in the field as head of testers in Ataccama, and at FIT she participated in a project focused on designing a data warehouse at CTU, where she works until now.

“Although I had to study a lot on my own, I enjoyed my time at FIT, thanks not only to the subject and the wonderful teachers but also to my fellow students with whom we helped one another in our studies and enjoyed the student life together.”

After finishing her master studies, she continued to study for a PhD, which she successfully completed in four years. In her dissertation, she explored transfer learning and advanced methods of data preprocessing. During her studies, she was also a member of the FIT Academic Senate.

And since Magda loves FIT, she went on to work as an assistant professor at the Department of Applied Mathematics, where she teaches courses focused on machine learning and business intelligence, heads the Data Science Laboratory (DataLab) and leads a team of developers of the CTU data warehouse. She would recommend studying at FIT with all her heart.