About the faculty

Pure informatics without the fluff, a friendly atmosphere, a combination of theoretical instruction balanced with practice, openness and high flexibility – this is what defines us. We are rigorous in instruction, ambitious in research and open to cooperation.

At FIT, we teach and work on research and commercial projects

Why create algorithms that will never be used and write codes “for the drawer” when you can participate in real-life projects? Students at our faculty can get involved in academic research and solve real-life problems with the commercial sector in the field that interests them most.

The faculty is young but mature

We have only recently celebrated our tenth anniversary. During the first decade of our existence, we fine-tuned the study specializations in bachelor, master and doctoral study programs to perfection. Our study specializations are simply FIT in all meanings of the word. We have made a name for ourselves in academia thanks to our achievements in science. But we don’t rest on our laurels. We are aiming higher and bigger.

As time passed at FIT

A friendly atmosphere is the first line in our code

Although it can hardly be measured or scientifically demonstrated, you will notice the friendly atmosphere at all stages of education and across all levels of management.

For people who join us IT is not just about money

We are a community of enthusiasts that attracts other like-minded people. Our scientific advancements, successful graduates and all our students who have become as passionate as we are about informatics are the drive that moves us forward.

We build cutting-edge scientific workplaces

The enthusiasm, ambition and talent are also boosted in our research groups. We create an environment where no good idea is ever wasted. We have the latest technology and a zeal for science that never tires.

Science and research

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