Organizational structure

Academic bodies

The faculty is managed by self-governing bodies led by the dean. Other self-governing academic bodies are the Academic Senate, the Scientific Council and the Disciplinary Committee.

Dean’s Office

The Dean’s Office is at the top of the organizational structure. It is divided into the Dean’s Administration and the Bursar’s Division. It is responsible for administrative, economic, operational and HR management of the faculty.

Vice-Dean’s Offices

The faculty has five vice-deans appointed by the dean, who are authorized to act on behalf of the faculty in certain areas. Their sections – vice-dean’s offices – include administrative units that are responsible for a certain area. This also includes the Office of Public Relations, which successfully works on building and fostering the faculty’s good name among professional and general public.

Service Offices

The Faculty of Information Technology, where the concentration of IT specialists is very high, also has its own department that looks after information and communication technology. This service office is tasked with providing support to pedagogical and scientific research activity at the faculty.


The departments are responsible for teaching and creating the content for individual study specializations. In addition, they also perform scientific activity, in which also students can get involved. They follow the latest trends, publish books and papers, and prepare study materials.

Research Labs

This is where creative scientific research and development activity takes place. Exceptionally talented academic and research workers work here alongside other experts that look after the administrative and technical operation of the units.

Study Program Boards

Study Program Boards are expert, control and evaluation bodies of the respective study programs. So-called Study Program Boards (SPB) are appointed by the dean for bachelor and master study programs. In the case of the doctoral study program, the dean appoints a Board of the Doctoral Study Program.

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