Forensic Laboratory (ForensicLab)

The Forensic Laboratory was established in connection with a Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic project entitled “Problems of cyber threats from the point of view of Czech Republic concerns” (VD20072010B13). The laboratory’s equipment allows for making safe copies of storage devices and their subsequent analysis.

What we do

In our laboratory, we investigate and secure digital evidence for the purposes of forensic analysis. The process often includes sophisticated methods of data extraction from storage devices, including breaking protection of encrypted devices.


  • FRED (Forensic Recovery of Evidence Device) computer
  • EnCase analytic software
  • Data diodes: special equipment for connecting drives with guaranteed write protection 

The lab’s activities are focused on these topics


Problems of Cyber Threats from the Point of View of the Czech Republic Concerns

Security Research
Ministry of Interior
2007 - 2010
The project is concerned about complex study of threats related to informatics and computer technology and their exploitation in the field. Expected outcomes of the project are not only technological solution of CSIRT and forensic methods, but also social, psychological and legal aspect of cyberspace.

Contact person

Ing. Marián Svetlík

Where to find us

Forensic Laboratory
Department of Information Security
Faculty of Information Technology
Czech Technical University in Prague

Room TH:A-957 (Building A, 9th floor)
Thákurova 7
Prague 6 – Dejvice
160 00

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