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We support interesting projects and build an innovative environment, where we work together on transforming the latest knowledge into concrete innovation projects. This system provides the faculty with a strong feedback that in turn is used for improving the practical part of courses. How to cooperate with us?

Find the right experts, research outcome, equipment, etc. for your innovation

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From a logo at a fair to a research project

Contractual research

  • Do you have a hard nut to crack and need help?
  • Do you need research expertise in the field of information technology?
  • Are you in need of experts in a specific field or specific HW equipment?
  • Do you want to support our scientific research activity and participate in commercialization of results?

Contact us

Assign projects and diploma theses

  • Do you have plenty of ideas, but your employees are too busy?
  • Do you want to explore new solutions with the use of our students’ innovation potential or test alternative methods?
  • Do you wish to get in touch with talented students?
  • Do your employees need to break stereotypes?


Present yourself in the best light

  • Do you think that your company is not known at FIT CTU?
  • Do you want to show that information technology is an indispensable part of your business?
  • Do you like to be in direct contact with students and experts?
  • Do you want to spread the word about the innovation and research that we do together?

All about partnership/sponsorship

License the results of our research

  • Do you want to be on top and beat the competition?
  • Would you like to save your employees time and years of research?
  • Do you have a business mind and the ability to turn results into successful products?
  • Do you have a feeling that you don’t innovate fast enough?

Successful projects

An ideal combination of academia and practice

Our faculty has great students. In addition, we will also be happy to lend you a hand with research and innovation. The market pressure and the speed of innovation force businesses to change the way they think and motivate employees to innovate. The quality and disruptiveness of your innovations will increase rapidly after you get in touch with our top experts.

6.5 reasons to cooperate with FIT

We organize the COFIT jobs fair

500+ students, 40+ companies, jobs, paid projects, offers of research laboratories, accompanying program – all this in 1 afternoon once per semester.

COFIT jobs fair

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