Technology Foresight

No one can predict precisely where technological development is headed, but our guests can get closer in their respective fields. In our visionary talk show, Sara Polak interviews experts from the FIT CTU and partner companies about technologies that have the potential to push development several steps into the future. You will learn about their successes so far, plans and ambitious visions.

Sara Polak

You can hear Sara on the faculty podcast, “Jedničky a Nuly”. She also hosts the visionary talk show, Technology Foresight, where she discusses the future of technology with experts from FIT and partner companies. She is a founder of a research group CCHAOS at FIT CTU.

Sara is originally an archaeologist and evolutionary anthropologist with rich experience in tech startups in LA and London. She focuses on the formation of the Cloud Civilisations concept, a mechanism of how to best use technology to optimize society’s evolutionary potential. She popularizes and demystifies AI for the general public.


prof. Ing. Hana Kubátová, CSc.

Prof. Christoph Kirsch

Ing. Jiří Dostál, Ph.D.

Ing. Jiří Chludil

doc. RNDr. Pavel Surynek, Ph.D.

Bc. Ondřej Brém, MSc.

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Pierre Donat-Bouillud, Ph.D.

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Map of science and research

The document tries to present all FIT research activities in a two-dimensional scheme. It shows on one axis the industry readiness (compared to the other side of the axis, which is more of fundamental research), and on the other axis, the levels comparable to the OSI network layers (from the bottom, the real hardware, to the top, the theoretical thinking).

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