Work placement for students

Make your studies more enjoyable by getting involved in practical projects for real companies. Why write codes “for the drawer”, when you can be working on real-life assignments? Leave hypotheses behind and solve real problems for companies. As a reward, you will get useful contacts, invaluable experience, financial reward, references, and credits.

How to get involved

Projects in laboratories

Come and visit one of our laboratories. We will show you projects for companies for which we need new colleagues. 

Course projects and diploma theses in cooperation with practice

If you are already working, you can arrange the topic of your diploma thesis or course project with your employer. Assignments under projects solved in the framework of cooperation with industry can be extended into a thesis. However, such work must include an interesting theoretical part that will be defendable in your study specialization.

Combine pleasure with pleasure

Attend our COFIT fair and choose from projects, internships, thesis and term paper topics and internships. You can thus improve yourself financially during your studies or have your work recognized in your courses.

Big names and interesting start-ups

We work for leading companies and a number of successful innovative companies have been established around the faculty. The best thing is when interesting research can be turned into a scalable product that is sold around the world. We love to help bring good projects to life.

Endless options, check out some examples

It is much easier to get involved in a successful project (team) than try and build something from scratch. Get inspiration from successful projects and join in. We will be happy to give advice to hard-headed loners who want to do things their own way. We can also help you establish connections, and things will move forward.

Do you want to get involved?

You will find plenty of possibilities in our laboratories, at COFIT or at our office. 

Ing. Jakub Novák

Vice-Dean for Cooperation with Industry

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