The FIT application guides you through the insolvency process

Map of debt relief success rates by regions

The new IsirExplorer web application offers an overview of insolvency proceedings in the Czech Republic, emphasizing the personal debt settlement process. Ing. Pavel Tůma, a FIT student, has developed it as part of his final thesis based on open data. IsirExplorer also provides statistics on the insolvency process that have not been available to the public so far. The project has been created within the Open Data Laboratory with the support of the non-profit organization “Hlídač Státu” (Watchdog of the State).

The master thesis entitled “System for the aggregation and visualization for the insolvency register” aims to create a web presentation with statistics on insolvency proceedings in the Czech Republic. IsirExplorer, the final application, provides the public with clear and detailed statistics on insolvency proceedings. Data on the status of regions, creditors, administrators, and statistics on the debt relief process are clearly displayed for the user using graphs, tables, and maps. It makes it easy to find out the volume of insolvencies, the average amount of claims filed, their quantity and the success rate of individual insolvency administrators, including their remuneration.

“Data on the progress of individual proceedings are published in the Insolvency Register as PDF documents. Detailed data on insolvencies are currently not published in any other way, and the PDF format is not ideal for machine reading,” said Pavel Tůma. “That is why I have designed a system for automated reading of data from PDF documents in the Insolvency Register and their easy visualization,” he added.

Michal Bláha, the head of the “Hlídač státu“ portal, has provided the infrastructure for storing the data. FIT CTU has provided the application server and master thesis supervisor, Ing. Mark Sušický, from the Open Data Laboratory, a joint workplace of the faculty and Profinit company. Open-source code was also created within the project.

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