How to get involved in research

Would you like to experiment, test the newly acquired knowledge in practice, or are you dreaming about making a groundbreaking invention in IT? Join in one of the types of research. 

Ways to join in research

Join in the summer research program

Spend the summer vacation actively, publish an article or create a conference paper and get a financial reward. Every year, we announce support for a summer research program for bachelor and master students called Research Summer at FIT (abbreviated in Czech as VýLeT, Czech for “trip”)


Knock on the door of a laboratory that you like

Would you like to try 3D printing, experiment with transfer of visual information to data or try a hacker attack? Pop into any of our laboratories that you think might interest you.


Become a member of a research group

Help us push the boundaries of informatics. Become a member of one of our research groups where you will be able to capitalize on your knowledge and ideas. Get to know your favourite study specialization also outside the classroom!

Research groups

Choose a research-oriented topic of your thesis

Do not re-invent what has already been invented and make use of the fact that informatics is an unusually lively discipline that offers a number of research opportunities. You can be sure that if you come up with an innovation, the examination committee will be thrilled.

Become a PhD student

Become an expert in your favourite field of informatics. Get to know all its secrets and kick off your academic career! In case you later decide to transform the knowledge gained during your PhD studies into practice, you will have a huge competitive advantage and will instantly become an IT guru.

Doctoral study program

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