We can’t control wind or rain, but we can predict when they come

Precipitation over the Czech Republic on a meteorological radar

Bc. Matej Choma, who now studies for a master’s degree, focused his research on a short-term, highly accurate weather forecast. In cooperation with Meteopress, he has been developing an efficient system that can predict rainfall radar images for the next half hour or so using current meteorological data. The system can be used for predicting storms, torrential rains and other extreme weather events.

Short-term forecasting with real-time delivery to users is also known as nowcasting. Compared to traditional weather forecasting, it is much more precise and has better location accuracy. The prediction model is based on convolutional neural networks that are trained on data from meteorological radars collected over the past few years. So far, neither the Czech Republic nor Slovakia has an accurate nowcasting system.

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