Doctoral study program

Become an expert in a field that you really like

Take the first step on your path to a career in academia, do research in a field that you like, immerse yourself in your favourite study field, and become a renowned expert. And all this thanks to our doctoral study program. In addition to developing students’ skills in the whole range of pure and engineering informatics, it also offers more narrow specializations in accordance with the chosen topic of dissertation thesis.

Admission procedure

You can submit your application for the 2024/2025 winter semester with all annexes in accordance with Article 3 of the Terms and Conditions for Admission to study in the Doctoral Study Program until 10 May 2024. The admission procedure will take place in the week from 10 to 14 June 2024.


Choose a general topic of your dissertation thesis and get in touch with the relevant supervisor

Choose a general topic of your dissertation thesis and get in touch with the relevant supervisor. Together with them you will then specify the selected topic more precisely.

Topics of dissertation thesis


Study carefully all relevant documents

Study the requirements for admission to the study program in Informatics, the Dean’s Directive (where you will find all instructions for study applicants, including the number of the bank account where the handling fee should be sent) and fill in the required forms. You will find all the important deadlines in the schedule of the doctoral study program.

Legislation Forms Schedule


Fill in the application and send it to the FIT CTU Office of Science and Research

You just have to fill in, print out and sign the electronic application and send it by post or deliver it in person to the FIT CTU Office of Science and Research together with other required documents.

Online application Office of Science and Research

What to expect

In the first part of your studies, you will focus on advanced topics in PhD courses and in your own scientific research work. The study block is completed with a discussion that will further specify the path towards the final dissertation thesis. Before submitting their thesis, students have to take the state doctoral examination. One of the requirements of the doctoral studies is participation in international cooperation. Publication activity is very important during the whole course of the studies. Pedagogical activity in doctoral studies is voluntary.

Courses in doctoral study program

Dissertation theses

Topics of dissertation theses cover theoretical computer science, conceptual designs of large HW and VLSI systems with special properties, computer security, design of complex multiprocessor and distributed ICT systems, efficient computer representation of knowledge, web and knowledge engineering, creation of new computational models and paradigms, such as quantum computers, modelling of large computer systems and their networks, creation of SW methodologies and advanced SW engineering techniques.

Successful dissertation theses

First-hand experience with doctoral studies at FIT?

As freshmen, they usually did not have a clue about coding, some were brought to FIT by pure chance, others came after extensive research. What did they struggle with most and what was the attraction of FIT for them? Where did the passion for informatics first come from and what is the drive that makes them want to know more?

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