Guide to registration in courses

The courses in the doctoral study program at FIT are available in KOS under the following codes: PI-xxx.

You can expand your knowledge by registering in any other courses in doctoral programs provided by other CTU faculties and the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University. To include them in KOS, you first have to arrange your attendance with the teacher of the course. After that, you need to fill in the form “Doctoral course examination protocol”, have it signed by the tutor and ask an employee at the Office of Science and Research to enter the course in KOS.

In the course of their studies, PhD students must register in 2 to 6 compulsory one-semester courses. Students can be awarded 4 credits for each, and the courses end with an examination. PhD students select these courses from accredited doctoral study programs.

Compulsory courses can be completed in various manners – by attending lectures, seminars, by self-study or consultations, depending on the arrangement with the supervisor and the guarantor of the doctoral course.

In the study block, compulsory specialized courses, preparation of a doctoral study report and a discussion on the report are planned for 4 semesters in the case of the full-time form of study and for 6 semesters in the part-time form of study. All the above information will be included in the PhD student’s individual curriculum, after it has been discussed with the supervisor.

List of courses


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