Courses in the program are devised to cover a wide range of informatics fields. Doctoral studies at our faculty are mostly focused on science and research; therefore, we adapted the content of individual courses so that the acquired knowledge could serve as a basis for preparation of topics of students’ dissertation theses.

The studies end with a state doctoral examination. Students present the results achieved through own research at international conferences where papers are peer-reviewed, and publish them in scientific journals on a regular basis.

The standard period of study is 4 years, in both full-time and part-time form, in the Czech language (code of the study program – P0613D140001) or in the English language (code of the study program – P0613D140002).

Graduate profile and aims of the program

After graduating from the doctoral program in Informatics, students will be able to design concepts of large HW and SW projects. The extensive knowledge in all fields of informatics that students will acquire is in line with the current global trend of interconnectedness of hardware and software.

Graduates will be ready to take on the role of heads of research teams in the IT sector. Thanks to their experience with collaboration with researchers and teams in the Czech Republic and abroad, graduates will find jobs in companies focused on analytic, expert and consultation services, using the latest knowledge in the field. Their advanced creative skills in the field of IT and the ability to present achieved results means they can work as teachers and researchers at universities, scientific workplaces and research laboratories.


There are several ways to get hold of books used in the doctoral study program in Informatics. The National Library of Technology (NTK) offers a number of cutting-edge study rooms. PhD students at FIT will have online access to all major publishers of specialized books and journals as part of an academic subscription for e-library services. Other sources include conference proceedings that are included in personal libraries of the members of the proposed board of the doctoral study program.

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