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There are many faculties around the world that teach Computer Science. Each of them is unique, and we are no exception! How is FIT different? What will studying at FIT mean for your future career and life? Find answers to these questions below!


We cover all Informatics fields

Hardware and software, the web and applications, security and hacking – you can study them all. Informatics has many branches and we cover them all. And when new branches sprout, we are among the first who include them in the study plans.

List of specializations


Studying at FIT is not easy, but it’s well worth it

Mastering Informatics is no easy feat. In order to understand basic principles, you will have to delve deeper into mathematics and algorithms. But when you immerse yourself in Informatics and complete the studies at FIT, head hunters will chase you down.

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A balanced mix of theory and practice

Theory will help you understand how science works. Practice will show you how to use all the wise knowledge in real life. At FIT, you will study both in a balanced way. Should you wish to, you can get involved in real-life projects at leading IT companies already during your studies.

Internships and work placements


You can switch specializations during your studies

Which specialization is the right one for you? Although you have to select a specialization in your application, this does not have to be your target destination and you can change the specialization later during your studies. Before you make the final decision about which direction to take in Informatics, we will teach you the basics and elementary principles that you will need in all specializations.

Bachelor specializations


A wide offer of elective courses – study what you really love

You are free to choose what you want to study. And you don’t have to limit yourself only to courses taught at our faculty. You can take advantage of the fact that we are part of CTU, which offers a wide range of study branches.


Cutting-edge facilities

Humanoid robots, drones, equipment for virtual and extended reality and large-area visualization equipment with 8K+ resolution and many other technical gadgets are our daily bread. We teach in classrooms equipped with the latest technology. All this so that you can test everything in practice.



Endless space for self-realization

IT will open many new possibilities and opportunities for you, and our faculty heartily welcomes them. We work on many real-life projects with leading IT firms. If you get involved, you will earn credits, acquire new contacts and experience and even earn some money!

Cooperation with industry


Meet up with leading scientists and businesspeople

Just as we combine theory and practice, we connect academia and the real world of business. While scientists keep pushing the boundaries of IT, people in business keep searching for the current needs of the market. At FIT, you’ll experience both worlds and the people representing it. You will meet them in the classroom and at various events.

Regular events


An enthusiastic community that will take you in

We believe that studying at university will provide you with more than just new knowledge and experience. Therefore, we are proud to support students clubs and initiatives, where you will find friends for life. The openness and friendly atmosphere are hard to describe, they have to be experienced.

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Get involved in research and push the boundaries of IT

Twenty years ago, not many people could imagine that one day they would control their phone with their watch, manage their whole household remotely and write texts in anything more sophisticated than the text editor. Do you wish to push the boundaries of IT? Join one of our research teams.

How to get involved


Study in Prague, the heart of Europe

Study in one of the most beautiful cities in the world! Situated in the heart of Europe, CTU offers not only a great location and a comfortable and affordable life in the beautiful historical city of Prague but also a high-quality education with good career prospects for graduates in technical fields.

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