Study abroad

Explore the world and expand your horizons through study abroad programmes offering unique personal and academic growth opportunities. Test your ability to fend for yourself in a new environment, gain new experiences, practice a foreign language or learn about a different culture. Above all, you will make new contacts that can last a lifetime.


You can direct your questions to Daniela Illnerová.

Options on how to travel

CTU and FIT offer a range of international study programmes allowing students of various specializations and interests to find a programme that suits their needs.

Overview of all possibilities

Exclusive offers

See the world and expand your horizons with our exclusive study options that offer unique opportunities.

  • Study at the University of Central Florida, with which we recently entered into a bilateral agreement.
  • Earn two degrees in one study thanks to the upcoming Master Double Degree programme with the University of Antwerp (accreditation in autumn 2023).
  • Be one of the first outgoing students (PhD students especially welcome) at the University of Technology Sydney.

Procedure when leaving for a study stay
Erasmus+ or FIT/CTU bilateral agreements


Prepare yourself

  • If you want to travel as part of your studies, you must start taking the appropriate steps a year in advance during the autumn.
  • Find out if you meet the current requirements for outgoing students. If not, you need to improve your study results or wait.
  • Attend information events organized by FIT or the Rector’s Office and keep an eye on selection procedure deadlines.
  • Use the Mobility app to find university or faculty partners with a valid agreement for the following academic year. For the university ones, check if they include 11.0, 11.3 or 6.0 (Informatics, Computer Science & Engineering) specializations.
  • When choosing a university, look for as much relevant information as possible, e.g. offered courses, teaching in English, ranking, academic year schedule, accommodation and catering options. Also, search the university website, ask local coordinators or read reports from previous travellers (e.g. Erasmus+ experiences).

Pass the selection procedure

  • Keep an eye on the selection procedure deadlines and apply on time via the Mobility app. You can select up to 3 destinations from the Rector’s Office offers, or up to 3 destinations from the FIT offers. You cannot apply to both at the same time.
  • If you do not have the appropriate certificate (at least the B2 level) for the language of instruction in the selected destinations, apply, prepare and pass the language tests, usually during January/February.
  • Communicate with Ms Regina Šmídová, the FIT coordinator, and the relevant Rector’s Office coordinator about your score in the selection procedure and final destination selection.

Arrange the necessary formalities

Make sure you fill in all the necessary documents before you leave for your stay and after you return.

FIT contact persons

Ing. Regina Šmídová

Secretary of the Department of Theoretical Computer Science
Faculty coordinator of the Erasmus+ program

Ing. Daniela Illnerová

Vice-Dean for External Affairs

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