Cloud Civilisations, Honest, and Optimised Systems (CCHAOS)

We are an interdisciplinary team of IT and social science experts. We investigate complex social systems using modern technologies with a special emphasis on interpersonal interactions in virtual environments. We use digital (re)construction and virtual reality as well as advanced data collection and analysis tools for a deeper understanding of the 21st-century man. The main research goal of the group is to implement the Politeia 21 project, which aims to create the most faithful simulation of life in an “ideal society”.

What we do

The research primarily focuses on the specifics of human behavior in virtual environments. To obtain the most relevant data, we decided to build a custom simulator that, due to its idealistic foundation and significant historical distance, would allow for a relatively unbiased approach (or at least a similarly biased approach) for all participants. For this reason, the writings of the Greek philosopher Plato (427–347 BC), The Republic, were chosen, where we find a very detailed description of the proposed utopian society.

When building the simulator, we aim to be as true to the reality of the time as possible. Therefore, we are trying to reconstruct how Plato himself might have imagined his city-state while preserving contemporary and local customs, architecture, art, cult, etc.

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Where to find us

Cloud Civilisations, Honest, and Optimised Systems
Department of Software Engineering
Faculty of Information Technology
Czech Technical University in Prague

Room TH:A-1455 (Building A, 14th floor)
Thákurova 7
Prague 6 – Dejvice
160 00

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