Graphics and Game Design Laboratory (ggLab)

The laboratory serves as the midpoint of the three graphics-related topics: visualization and recognition, game design, and arts. The lab currently supports students’ projects with an Interactive wall, Tactile Matrix Box, and many VR headsets (XTAL, HTC focus 3, HTC elite, Oculus Quest 2), all open for collaboration and development.

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What we do

In cooperation with technical companies, we will develop the border area between art, graphics and science with the help of non-traditional devices. In cooperation with game studios, we teach game design, collaborate on game development and advise on traditional community events. We are dedicated to the practical exploration of tactile interfaces as well as the precise measurement and reproduction of textured surfaces.


Interactive wall

The six-meter interactive, tangible wall was created as a fusion of lidar and projectors. Build in collaboration with


Modern state-of-the-art Mixed reality headset from VRgineers.

Tactile Matrix Box

An open-source system that performs real-time computation and dynamic projection mapping.

HTC Vive Focus

The new generation of fully wireless standalone business 5K VR headset HTC Vive Focus 3.

Oculus Quest 2

Set of standalone wireless headsets intended for student projects.

Contact person

Ing. Radek Richtr, Ph.D.

Where to find us

Graphics and Game Design Laboratory
Department of Software Engineering
Faculty of Information Technology
Czech Technical University in Prague

Room TH:A-1455 (Building A, 14th floor)
Thákurova 7
Prague 6 – Dejvice
160 00

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