Embedded Security Lab (EmbeddedSecurityLab)

In the Embedded Security Lab, we focus on all aspects of the security of embedded devices. Today, computer systems control not just cars and trains, but also smart homes or whole cities. The right implementation of cryptographic algorithms is critical in order to ensure the security of these autonomous systems; in IoT also with the additional requirements on small size and low consumption.

More about us

The education equipment in the Embedded Security Lab is financed from faculty resources. Teaching is co-financed by the project “Projekt ČVUT ESF II.” of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports from the Operational Programme Research, Development and Education, within the sub-activity “Introduction of practical teaching of selected types of cryptanalytic attacks”.

What we do

We deal with the security of the Internet of Things, cyber-physical systems and embedded systems. Our research topics include:

  • Design of cryptographic hardware, primarily in field-programmable gate arrays (FPGA).
  • Cryptanalysis, i.e. attacks
    • Using programmable hardware (FPGA), or
    • Using side channels, and
    • Efficient protection against such attacks.
  • Protection of embedded systems with microprocessors (the Internet of Things, SmartCards, etc.).
  • Dependability of cryptographic systems.

A tour of the lab

By measuring the power consumption during encryption of various data we can uncover the secret key used by the encrypting device. Legend: 1 – Lead-acid battery for power supply of the board with FPGA, 2 – Voltage regulator, 3 – Measured FPGA (Spartan 3E), 4 – Serial link (communication between the PC and FPGA), 5 – USB connector for programming of FPGA, 6 – Oscilloscope’s channel 2 probe (trigger measurement), 7 – Measurement of the power consumption of FPGA, 8 – Power from the power supply unit (not used at the moment – there is a switch on the board), 9 – Preamplifier 30 dB. The power trace is measured by the Agilent MSO 7104A oscilloscope.

Contact person

Dr.-Ing. Martin Novotný

Where to find us

Embedded Security Lab
Department of Digital Design
Faculty of Information Technology
Czech Technical University in Prague

Room TH:A-1058 (Building A, 10th floor)
Thákurova 7
Prague 6 – Dejvice
160 00

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